Insurance Fraud Bureau

Submit a Data Subject Access Request

The information you supply or we collect about you may be used by us and our agents for the purposes of prevention, detection and deterrence of insurance fraud.

The easiest way to request the information the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) holds about you is to complete the following Data Subject Access Request. 

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Submit a Data Subject Access Request

Proof of identity

In order to confirm your proof of identity, please upload copies or photographs of TWO of the following documents:

Name and Date of Birth Proof

Current photo card driving

Current signed passport

Original Birth certificate

Official ID Card

Utility / TV Licence or local authority bill (Utility bill issued within the last 3 months)

Vehicle registration document

Mortgage / student loan statement (issued in the last year)

HMRC letter (issued in the current financial year)

If you have been known by another name, please also include a copy of one of the following forms of identification.

Marriage licence

Descree nisi

Deed poll notification

Decree absolute

Please upload your document in one of the following supported file types: jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, svg or pdf. 

How would you like to receive your information *

Alternatively, if you would like to request your information in the post, you can download the form here. 

We will always attempt to verify your identity quickly and with the minimum inconvenience to you. However, if we cannot be certain that you are entitled to the disclosure of the information you have requested, permitted by the Data Protection Act, we may request further information to establish your identity. 

You will receive all your information by email within one month of your request being submitted to us. 

If you have any questions or queries, or if you would like to request your details in another way please email