Insurance Fraud Bureau

The IFB reacts to week of national enforcement action to tackle car insurance scammers

05 July 2021


Reactive statement


Stephen Dalton, Head of Intelligence and Investigations at the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) said:

“Over the past week we have made significant progress in supporting City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) in disrupting insurance scam networks that were taking place across the UK.

“Fake car insurance deals also known as ‘Ghost Broking’ scams, see fraudsters selling unrealistically cheap and completely invalid motor policies often through online advertisements.

“Our intelligence and investigations experts provided essential support for IFED’s enforcement activity, by helping to identify over 50 social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram that appeared to be promoting bogus car insurance deals to the public.

“In addition, warrants and cease and desist orders were carried out at multiple addresses which were linked to several IFB investigations into organised ‘Ghost Broker’ networks. 

“Fake car insurance deals not only exploit vulnerable people’s financial circumstances, but they can leave unwitting victims facing prosecution for driving without insurance. Furthermore, these scams cost honest insurance consumers millions of pounds each year.

“The impact of insurance fraud is far reaching and it will never be tolerated. We will continue to collaborate closely with the police, industry watchdogs and insurers to crackdown on all those who are at the heart of insurance scams.”


City of London Police’s IFED, supported by the IFB, executed ten warrants and made seven arrests last week as part of a national crackdown on suspected ‘Ghost Broker’ scam networks responsible for fake car insurance sales. Find out more on City of London Police's news centre.