Insurance Fraud Bureau

The con’s not on – Insurers thwart 2,400 fraudulent insurance claims valued at £25 million every week

07 July 2017

Latest figures out today from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) show that a focus on stamping out organised fraud, including ‘crash for cash’ staged motor accidents has contributed to a slight fall in the number and cost of fraudulent insurance claims detected in 2016.

Ben Fletcher, Director of the IFB, said:

“Fraud is harmful in a number of ways, including the real and present physical risk posed day in and day out to road users, alongside the financial impact on individuals and business alike. These reductions reflect the general trend that we have seen in organised motor scams and is a welcome reflection of industry efforts to tackle the problem year on year. The reality however is that £1.3 billion of fraud is still far too high and therefore the industry and government need to continue to work on ways to reduce the level of fraud further.”