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Ten arrested for suspected human trafficking and money laundering

19 Nov 2019

Ten men have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and money laundering following an IFB-assisted investigation.

Two arrested and evidence seized in Birmingham Crash for Cash hot spot

05 Mar 2019

Two men have been arrested and five vehicles have been seized following a joint investigation between West Midlands Police and the IFB in a Crash for Cash scam that could have cost insurers £100k.

Carlisle Crash for Cash scammer faces further jail time

04 Mar 2019

Fraudster Mark McCracken who was already facing seven years in prison for orchestrating a string of Crash for Cash scams, has been sentenced to a further 18 months in jail. While his mum and sister have received suspended sentences for supporting his financial crimes.

Woman jailed for three years over fraudulent Grenfell and terror attack insurance claims

19 Dec 2018

A fraudster who exploited tragic incidents such as the Grenfell fire, Manchester Arena bombing, and London Bridge terror attack has been jailed for three years. The fraudster made over 50 fraudulent claims and stood to gain more than £179,000.

1 in 3 young people have seen a suspicious advert for car insurance on social media

02 Nov 2018

Ghost broking is on the rise as 1 in 3 young people have seen a suspicious car insurance advert on social media, the IFB reveals.

Fraudsters who put lives at risk by causing accidents get lengthy prison sentences

10 Oct 2018

A Slough duo who deliberately caused 250 motor accidents so they could make false insurance claims have been jailed.

Crash for cash fraudster jailed

11 Sep 2018

A cash-for-crash fraudster who raked in thousands of pounds by engineering deliberate road collisions - one of which left three children in hospital - has been jailed.

Family of 4 jailed after claiming £41,000 for car accidents they set up - how "crash for cash" drivers target you

23 Aug 2018

Four family members have been jailed for more than three years after setting up five car accidents in an insurance fraud operation that cost more than £40,000.

One insurance scammer caught out every minute in the UK - and drivers are the worst offenders

22 Aug 2018

One insurance fraud is being detected every minute across the UK, according to industry figures. Association of British Insurers (ABI) said a total of 562,000 insurance scams were detected by insurers in 2017.

Ghost brokers in dock after Esure and police uncover racket

08 Aug 2018

A team of East London-based fraudsters who set up a ghost broking operation targeting minicab drivers have collectively been sentenced to 57 months suspended following being convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud.

Seven Derby criminals locked up for £250k crash for cash scam

17 Jul 2018

Seven Derby criminals have been locked up for their part in a so-called cash for crash scam which cost car insurance policyholders £250,000.

Crash for cash: 77 sentenced in huge car insurance scam

29 Jun 2018

A massive car insurance scam which netted £2m for the ringleaders has seen more than 150 people convicted for submitting bogus claims.

The 'ghost brokers' that take the cash out of your pockets with fake car insurance

30 May 2018

Two men have been caught out for selling thousands of pounds worth of fake car insurance polices to unsuspecting drivers - and it's a con that's growing by the day.

Ex-insurance broker from Hull Nigel Fox jailed

17 May 2018

A fraudster has been jailed for faking hundreds of car insurance policies.

ERS becomes first Lloyd’s insurer to join Fraud Register

01 May 2018

Motor-only specialist becomes first Lloyd’s of London insurer to become a member of Insurance Fraud Register.

Car insurance ‘ghost broker’ jailed after fake policies scam

13 Apr 2018

‘Ghost broker’ jailed after being caught out making up more than £320,000 worth of car insurance policies, which he sold to unsuspecting drivers.

Thousands of motorists could be driving without valid insurance after being tricked by new scam

03 Feb 2018

Thousands of drivers are being left without insurance by fraudsters flogging fake policies, cops believe.

How to spot crash-for-cash scammers – as January 29 is the worst for fraud

29 Jan 2018

Crash-for-cash fraud peaks on January 29 and insurers have issued a warning for drivers to be on the look out for scams

Crash-for-cash hotspots: The 30 UK postcodes where drivers have suffered the most car-shunt insurance scams - so does your area feature?

26 Sep 2017

The 30 UK postcodes where the most drivers have fallen victim to crash-for-cash scams in the last year have been revealed - and it doesn't make great reading if you live in the Midlands or the North of England. Birmingham appears most frequently in the top 30 list - in fact, five Birmingham postcodes are among the top 10 locations where fraudulent accidents have been masterminded, according to data from the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

Birmingham tops 'crash for cash' postcodes hotspots

25 Sep 2017

Birmingham has topped the UK's "crash for cash" postcode league - the second time in a year the city has featured in a table of hotspots for the crime. The scams are run by fraudsters who manufacture collisions with other road users, hoping to profit from insurance claims.

Crash for cash - The IFB are putting the brakes on fraud

14 Sep 2017

Crash for cash is a problem that continues to cause issues in the UK and the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) is putting a lot of effort into trying to deal with it. Read FACTS magazine's article in which the IFB advises on how to spot crash for cash scams.

The con’s not on – Insurers thwart 2,400 fraudulent insurance claims valued at £25 million every week

07 Jul 2017

Latest figures out today from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) show that a focus on stamping out organised fraud, including ‘crash for cash’ staged motor accidents has contributed to a slight fall in the number and cost of fraudulent insurance claims detected in 2016.

Cutting corners to get cheaper motor insurance backfiring on thousands of motorists warns the ABI

13 Aug 2015

Latest figures from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) shows that in 2014 insurers uncovered 212,000 attempted dishonest applications for motor insurance. The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), who manage cross-industry, large scale ghost broker investigations, is currently dealing with 26 cases of ghost broking fraud.

Exposing insurance cheats

13 Jul 2015

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has published statistics which show that in 2014, insurers uncovered 350 insurance frauds worth £3.6 million every day.

Fraudsters making 350 fake insurance claims every day

13 Jul 2015

Read the Daily Mail's coverage of the news from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that in 2014 insurers detected 350 fake insurance claims every day.

WATCH: £1m 'crash for cash' scam which has left three Merseyside men facing jail

01 Apr 2015

Liverpool Echo

IFB announces appointments to supervisory board

19 Feb 2015

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Intelligence sharing agreement between IFB and police to target criminal gangs is renewed

12 Feb 2015

Post Magazine (subscription required)

IFB makes key hires to drive forward new fraud fighting strategy

05 Jan 2015

Insurance Times (subscription required)

Queen's Park man jailed for £270k crash for cash insurance scam

19 Dec 2014

Brent and Kilburn Times

IFED makes 1,000th arrest

19 Dec 2014

Insurance Times (subscription required)

AXA's Richard Davies to chair IFB techincal board

15 Dec 2014

Insurance Times (subscription required)

New look IFB technical board to be chaired by AXA fraud boss Davies

15 Dec 2014

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Fraud 2014: Defendant parties prioritised to assist with IFB strategy

13 Nov 2014

Post Magazine (subscription required)

'Crash for cash' incidents hit all-time high, says Aviva

06 Nov 2014

The Guardian

Insurance Fraud Bureau to move beyond motor from 2015

17 Oct 2014

Insurance Times (subscription required)

IFB set for a busy 2015 as it looks to fill details in five-year plan

17 Oct 2014

Post Online (subscription required)

IFB opens membership to brokers

01 Oct 2014

Insurance Times (subscription required)

Five people arrested over suspected 'crash for cash' scam

28 Jul 2014

Liverpool Echo

Birmingham's 'Cash for Crash' Shame Revealed

02 Dec 2013

Birmingham Mail

Bradford shamed by fake crash hotspots

02 Dec 2013

Yorkshire Post

Bradford is UK's "crash for cash" hotspot

02 Dec 2013

86 Charged in 'Crash for Cash' Probe by Gwent Police

03 Oct 2013

BBC News

Four Found Guilty Over Bus 'Crash For Cash' Scam

26 Sep 2013

Yorkshire Post

Crash for Cash Gang Found Guilty

26 Sep 2013

Daily Mail

Interview: Ben Fletcher: Taking The Fight to Fraudsters

25 Sep 2013

Post Magazine (subscription required)

11 Guilty in Crash For Cash Scam

25 Sep 2013

ITV News

£400m Cash Crash Crook

28 Jul 2013

The Sun

Expertise-In-Action: Claims Fraud - Contagion

09 May 2013

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Driving a Fraud Bargain

24 Mar 2013

Daily Star

£3 Million Crash Scam Gang Leader Jailed for Four Years

19 Mar 2013

The Mirror

The Face of Crash-For-Cash Insurance Fraud

18 Mar 2013

Mail Online

Police Uncover Country's Largest 'Crash for Cash' Insurance Scam

18 Mar 2013

The Telegraph

'Crash-For-Cash' Scan in Durham 'Pur Car Insurance up by £100'

18 Mar 2013

BBC News

Fraud: A War on all Fronts

14 Mar 2013

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Crash for Cash Warning

11 Mar 2013

Fleet News

Insurance Fraudsters Jailed for Organised Claims Scam

06 Mar 2013

News Insurances

Octagon Supports Insurance Industry's Fight Against Fraud

03 Mar 2013

News Insurances

'Crash for Cash': Men Jailed for Fatal Scam

15 Feb 2013

Sky News

'Cash for Crash Fraudsters Sentenced to Jail after Deadly Accident

15 Feb 2013

Huffington Post

Comman Admits to Selling False Policies

01 Feb 2013

Insurance Age

Danyal Buckharee Admits Duping Hundreds of Drivers

01 Feb 2013

BBC News

Fraudster Jailed Using Towergate CCTV Footage

29 Jan 2013

Insurance Age

Cash for Crash Gang Facing Lengthy Jail Terms

10 Jan 2013

Daily Mail

'Crash for Cash' Gang Found Guilty of Road Death on A40

10 Jan 2013

London Evening Standard

£278,000 Bill for Nelson insurance Fraud Family

20 Dec 2012

Lancashire Telegraph

IFB and IFED head to parliament

28 Nov 2012

Post Magazine

Report Reveals 'Crash for Cash' Fraud Costs UK Motorists £392 million

26 Nov 2012

Fleet News

Five Arrested in Fraud Investigation After Raid on Sunderland Insurance Firm

23 Nov 2012

Sunderland Echo

Almost 10% of the UK Would Consider 'Crash for Cash' Scam

22 Nov 2012

Insurance Age

Mass Backs "Astonishing" 'Crash for Cash' Report

22 Nov 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Crash-For-Cash Scams Costing Honest Motorists Nearly £400m A Year

22 Nov 2012

Daily Mail

40 Arrested in Gwent Police 'Crash for Cash' Probe

29 Oct 2012

South Wales Argus

Crime Stoppers

24 Oct 2012

Insurance Times (subscription required)

Application Fraudsters 'Going Back to Basics' to Beat Security

23 Oct 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

BBC Documentary Series Debunks Myth of 'Easy Crime' Insurance Fraud

09 Oct 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

View From the Top: Winning the War on Fraud?

18 Sep 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Insurance Fraud Register To Be Accessible to Life and Lloyd's Markets

18 Sep 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

IFB Boss Bird: Tackling Fraud is a 'Source of Competitive Advantage'

18 Sep 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Insurance Fraud Register Launched

13 Sep 2012

Finance Markets

Insurance Fraud Hits £1bn A Year

13 Sep 2012

City A.M.

ABI Launches Insurance Fraud Register

13 Sep 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Motor Insurance Fraud Up 10% Since 2010

12 Sep 2012

Insurance Times (subscription required)

Claims Club 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Debate

04 Sep 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Shocked by Your Car Insurance Costs? Here's Who To Blame for Some of It

16 Aug 2012

Daily Mirror

IFB Uncovers Huge "Crash for Cash" Scam

07 Aug 2012

Insurance People

Insurance Cheat Jailed for 'Crash for Cash' Scam

07 Aug 2012

Insurance Age

Crash for Cash Masterminds Jailed Following IFB Investigation

07 Aug 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

IFB Success In Indentity Fraud Pilot

23 Jul 2012

Insurance Daily

IFB Joins in Insurance Indentity Fraud Crackdown

23 Jul 2012

News Insurances

IFB Investigations Lead to Arrest of Trio on Suspicion of Identity Fraud

23 Jul 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

IFB Strikes Deal to "Close Net" on Fraudsters

09 Jul 2012

Insurance Age

Broker Focus: Fraud - First Line of Defence

06 Jun 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

IFB Appoints Andrew Buck to Roll-Out Insurance Fraud Register

21 May 2012

Insurance Daily

Crash for Cash Gangs on Prowl

12 May 2012

West Midlands Express & Star

IFB Bolsters Fight Against Fraud with Four Appointments

08 May 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Cash-For-Crash Scam Passengers's Whiplash Payouts

03 May 2012

The Sun

A Ring of Steel to Combat Fraud

10 Apr 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Uncovering Fraud

02 Apr 2012

Insurance Age

Application Fraud: Deliberate Use of Inaccurate Information on the Rise

22 Mar 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Insurance Bosses Invited to Discuss Common Standard For Telematics

15 Mar 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Nine Arrested in Insurance Scam Round Up

12 Mar 2012

News wales

Fraudulent Claims Continue to Plague Insurers, as Index Shows Rise in Cases

06 Mar 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

Fraud Register To Launch in July

10 Feb 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

DNA Evidence Foils Insurance Fraud Scammer

25 Jan 2012

Bexhill Observer

IFB Appoints Bird As Full-Time Director

24 Jan 2012

Post Magazine (subscription required)

DNA On Air Bag Foils Car Insurance Claim

19 Jan 2012

Money Highstreet

IFB strategic plan could take 'beyond five years' to implement

01 Jan 0001

Post Magazine (subscription required)