Insurance Fraud Bureau

IFB strategy: Evolving the insurance industry’s fight against fraud

IFB strategy: Evolving the insurance industry’s fight against fraud

The IFB is extending its fight against fraud as it moves to manage organised fraud across all product lines. The IFB's new five-year strategic direction will see the Bureau evolve from providing a tactical solution to organised motor fraud to become a strategic organisation, capable of coordinating organised fraud disruption across multiple product lines.

Developed following a nine-month review and consultation with stakeholders in 2014, the strategy will also see the IFB define best practice for intelligence sharing on behalf of the industry with a long-term view of establishing the Bureau as a central hub for all fraud data and intelligence.

Work in 2015 will concentrate on identifying where the IFB should focus first, taking into account the relative risks and likely fraud savings from the different product lines. Collaboration with the industry in 2015 will also define the options to standardise and centralise intelligence sharing.

To request an electronic copy of the IFB strategy, entitled 2020 Vision, Evolving The Insurance Industry’s Fight Against Fraud, please email our Head of Customer Services using our Contact Us form.